Holidays and fun with Pétanque

Greece keeps me trapped to the last bullet!

This paradise here in Greece should be shared with peaceful, committed players !

Greekboule is a  Non-Profit-Organization!

People from all over the world play the fascinating pétanque here and at the same time enjoy unforgettable relaxing holidays!

From training to competition and tournament, there is everything your heart desires.

You can also play in winter right next to the sea ! (Climate)

The exact dates will be coordinated with you or the whole group! (Calendar)

I organize  for you trip, accommodation and rental car !

My ideas and arguments


  • unique climate
  • Bathing in crystal clear water
  • Experience the culture of Greece
  • have fun
  • enjoy your meal
  • and everything will be organized for you!


  • Daily training and competitions by the sea.
  • The right technique together with beginners
  • Get to know and improve the rules of petanque.
  • Offer advanced players a heavenly place
    where they can refine their technique and strategy of the game and let off steam in the competitions.


Flexible daily program

We usually train after breakfast.
10:00 am shooting and laying training (optional)
11:00 am challenge training (optional)
The times will be discussed!

I offer you free first-class training exercises!
Training is a dynamic challenge for me in a group and is a lot of fun as a competition!
No learning success is guaranteed without training !!!

Too many corrections are not good, otherwise nothing will work! You have to find and keep your adapted technique!

Note: I am not an official petanque trainer unless specifically requested! (Lessons 1 beer / hour)
I manage and organize the Finikounda Boule Club and its training and game operations!

We learn in training

  • Discipline / rest / relaxation / concentration / throwing technique
  • to bring the ball to the chosen Donnée (la Roulette, Démi-Portée, Portée).
  • to vary the rolling distance from the donnée to the destination. (Concentration in the arm)
  • shooting at different distances. Right on iron!
  • our throwing technique easy to correct!



  • to give more or less speed (Drive or Elan)!
  • to open the hand properly.
  • to hold the ball properly.
  • guiding the hand and arm properly, etc.


Flexible daily program

After the optional training, competitions or tournaments can be held in different places in the area.
We mostly stay on the two petanque courts I have built (each for 12 people) and can play well into the NIGHT!

Right by the sea and with a bar and taverna to eat!

With breaks for bathing, eating and drinking!


We discover the strategy, our skills and our uniqueness in the game.

We are amazed that mental strength accounts for 50% of our success !!!


Further activities:

Sunbathing, snorkeling, swimming, listening to music, reading, doing yoga, riding, surfing, cycling, hiking, visiting villages and cultural sites, studying flora and fauna, etc.


You will receive a non-binding offer from me!

  • Flight
    to Athens or Kalamata with suitcase and hand luggage
    Direct flights
  • Transfer
    Via Athens or Kalamata by car or bus to Finikounda with a rental car or I will pick you up!
  • Apartment or house
    to share from 1 to 9 people with kitchen, shower, sea view and Greek hospitality!
  • Breakfast
    if desired directly on the sea. (Coffee, tea, bread, jam, honey, butter)
    to choose from (fresh orange juice / omelette / yogurt with honey or cheese and ham)
  • Lunch and dinner
    by arrangement in taverns and cook yourself!
  • Organization
    travel, transfer, apartment, breakfast, training, events (music) and visits
  • Beverages
    everywhere during training and competitions.
  • Bullets
    on the spot, if desired!
  • Bath mats and terry towels

In order to fulfill your wishes optimally, I rely on my short questionnaire!

Download it in the link below and make a copy of it so that the write protection is removed. Then you can fill it out and send it back to me by email!


I am logging you into the best apartments in Finikounda.

Here is my favorite, because closest to the main pétanque court and in the village.
The Greek landlord plays along every day.
His mother spoils with Greek delicacies.

In response to your questions or registration, I will inform you in more detail.